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Time Mission

The premier adventure room concept now arriving in Europe.

TimeMission™ offers a unique, immersive experience in which players navigate through a series of tech-infused game rooms, called portals, each presenting captivating decors and challenging scenarios.

Teams of 2-5 players embark on a time travel adventure to save the future. The Time Machine’s energy core has been depleted, and only your team can help restore it by collecting points, known as Momentium, in one of our 26 portals. These portals test your intelligence, physical condition, and hand-eye coordination, providing an engaging experience for participants of all ages.

Each portal contains a variety of challenges and difficulties. Whether you fall into the lava of Magma Mayhem, fail to find all the hidden buttons in Dystopian Forest, or test your brain in the Persian Palace, you can replay the portals as many times as you’d like. Cooperation is key to solving each challenge and earning the highest scores.

TimeMission™ is perfect for company outings, group gatherings, intergenerational groups, bachelor and kids parties, and family fun. Our adventure is designed to bring people together, offering a unique experience that can accommodate groups of up to 120 people, split into teams for simultaneous play.

26 game portals

Duration 1,5h

Teams: 2-5p

Max. 120p

starting 6 years

At TimeMission™, we are committed to providing an adventure that is fun for all ages, with challenges that test your mind, body, and coordination. We regularly launch new game portals, ensuring that there is always something fresh and exciting for returning players.

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