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Axe Throwing

This thrilling activity combines guts, skills, and a whole lot of fun!

Axe throwing is not just a game; it’s a team experience like no other. It offers a perfect blend of competition and camaraderie. No prior experience is needed to enjoy axe throwing. With guidance from our coaches, hitting the bullseye is surprisingly easy. Everyone, whether a seasoned pro or a first-time thrower, can participate safely and confidently.

This activity is unique in Belgium thanks to it’s autoscoring technology and interactive gameplay. There are multiple game and tournament possibilities, all guided by your axe coach.

You can challenge your friends to a friendly competition or join forces to learn the art of axe throwing together. All of this makes it ideal for team-building events or group outings.

It’s as rewarding as it is thrilling, leaving you with unforgettable memories and a newfound appreciation for this ancient skill.

4 lanes with double targets

Max. 10p per Lane

Max. 40p per tournaments

Starting 15 years

Lane exclusivity possible on request

4 digital games

Autoscoring technology

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