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Quiz Room

Quiz Boxing is a trendy new game! Unlike an escape game, where you’re asked to collaborate with your friends, this time you’re invited to go head-to-head!

You’ll each have your own boxing station, and you’ll have to earn points through various rounds (quiz, blind test…) in an overexcited arena.

And don’t panic if you don’t know the answers – you’ve even got jokers for cheating!

Then Quiz Boxing is for you!

From 3 to 12 players per arena, invite yourself under the Quiz Boxing TV spotlight and take on your friends, family or colleagues in a series of fast-paced questions.

On the program: Cinema, TV series, Cartoons, Culture & Society, Video Games, Sport, and even blind tests to vary the pleasures and test your knowledge of Music.

With just a few seconds to go before kick-off, are your palms sweaty and your legs trembling at the thought of stepping into the ring? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back: you choose the themes you want to play and personalize your playing experience by activating or deactivating the jokers at your disposal.

2 Arenas

From 3 to 12 players

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